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Friday, August 12, 2011

Episode 8: Moth be Gone!

Yes, I know, can we be any slower to record and blog? And no, I will not, again, make excuses. All I will say is that we love to podcast, and as with many things in life, you can't always get to do what you love.

In this podcast episode:
1) our mini lesson is about moth repelling/preventing tips
2) sneak preview of a new yarn: DungarEase
3) should we shorten the blog and podcast more often? You can weigh in...

As the weather starts to change with the end of summer, Joyce and I discuss taking out our fall sweaters and what methods we used to protect them from moth damage. This spurs me to go on a hunt on the net to find more information about homemade moth repellents. This actually is the mini lesson we discuss on the podcast. Note that we recorded this section outside on a windy day, so you hear a bit of ambient noise (car alarm, for example) and air blowing on the microphone (lesson learn there).

Here are some online sites with more info:
How To Get Rid of Moths With Natural Repellents
Non-Toxic Moth Ball Alternatives
How to Make Your Own Sweet-Smelling Moth Repellent Using an Orange

You can find cedar paper on Amazon.
We share our frustration at not having local access to good button sources. Finding buttons in our neck of the woods is difficult, and online sources don't exactly fit the bill when you want instant gratification. Are you lucky enough to have a great button store in your area, or an online source that shows colors very accurately and provide speedy service to us, "I want it now" people? Feel like sharing that info? Post a comment, or email us at

Here's a preview of one of our upcoming new spring yarns, DungarEase (60% cotton/40% acrylic). This child's pattern, shown in size 1 sans buttons (don't get me started), will be offered in sizes 1, 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10.
I know that finding patterns for the tween sizes is difficult, so for this basic, I made sure to cover lots of sizes. The yarn comes in 12 "denimy" colors and will be available in December through local yarn shops. Can I say, again, how I LOVE this yarn? I can't wait to get it in the stores for you guys to feel and enjoy. Soft, soft, and oh, so soft. :-)

And as promised, we've uploaded a free pattern on our website, the Stained Glass Cardigan.
As I was designing on the fly (no swatches for me, so sirree Bob) I made the stitches travel after the corrugated ribbing was done and found myself creating a stained glass window type stitch that really worked well to showcase the colors of Geologee. Sometimes you take short cuts, and you get lucky.

One of the reasons (among others) that the podcast doesn't get done more often is because of this blog. As you can see, I am looooonnnng winded. So, getting the entire dog and pony show together is a many-hour process. Which explains why it doesn't happen more often. So, at least 2 listeners have told us to shorten the blog, and broadcast more often. I know. 2 people (and we love them both). Does that mean it is the opinion of the "masses" of people listening to us? Do you want to weigh in on this? You can either post here to let us know, or on Ravelry.

So this is as far as I am going as a wordsmith today. The podcast, of course, contains way more info so please take a listen to get the full effect of our conjoined knitting banter.


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